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Module: gp_unix Gnuplot/
an interface to gnuplot used for unix platforms.

This file implements a low-level interface to a gnuplot program for a unix platform (actually it is used for any non-Windows, non-Mac system). This file should be imported through, which in turn should be imported via import Gnuplot rather than these low-level interfaces.

Imported modules   
from os import popen
test_persist ()

Determine whether gnuplot recognizes the option -persist.

If the configuration variable recognizes_persist is set (i.e., to something other than None), return that value. Otherwise, try to determine whether the installed version of gnuplot recognizes the -persist option. (If it doesn't, it should emit an error message with -persist in the first line.) Then set recognizes_persist accordingly for future reference.



The configuration options for gnuplot on generic platforms.


Unsophisticated interface to a running gnuplot program.

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