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Some ideas for future work. I don't know whether I'll get around to any of these items; some of them are probably better left undone anyway. Of course if anybody else wants to take one up...

  • Implement missing values. Gnuplot allows you to specify that values are missing from data files via the `set missing' command. This should probably be implemented via Numeric's masked arrays. (Comments?) The real benefit of dealing with values is that (I think) gnuplot can still put a mesh on a surface even if the surface has holes.

  • Figure out how to suck gnuplot error messages back into Python and turn them into exceptions. This would be tricky: for one thing, not all gnuplot output is indicative of an error. Moreover, implementation on Windows and Mac would require additional effort to change their GnuplotProcess classes. The output from the show command could be processed in a similar manner.

  • Implement multiple graphs on a single page. I haven't used this feature of gnuplot much myself, so I'm not sure how difficult it would be to build it into the framework. Ideally one would like to be able to spawn multiple GnuplotWindow's from a single Gnuplot instance, each one behaving much like a Gnuplot object. Or maybe treat sub-windows as a kind of meta-PlotItem that can itself contain PlotItems.

  • Add a way to use Gnuplot without Numeric. This would probably not require too much work, and would also be convenient for Jython users since JNumeric is not as far along as Numeric.

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